Open Space Authority Takes Step Toward Open Space Preservation in Santa Teresa Foothills.

The neighborhood association has been working to have the Open Space Authority acquire a 27 acre lot in the Santa Teresa Foothills. This particular lot is above Foothill Blvd., but there are multiple owners, which complicates the issue somewhat. One of the owners is interested in having the lot put into Open Space but the other is not decided yet. Both parties must be interested before the Open Space Authority will even consider the property. 

Good News!  

Open Space Authority Hillside Acquisitions - Background

The Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association has been active in trying to convince the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) to acquire property in the Santa Teresa Foothills to help preserve that land and avoid any further development. Several members of the association have spoke on the neighborhoods behalf at OSA board meetings, and John Hesler and Matt Freeman, the Vice President and President, met with the OSA’s acquisition committee.

Preservation of the Santa Teresa Foothills

The Santa Teresa Foothills form a scenic backdrop to South San Jose neighborhoods, extending from Santa Teresa County Park on the east to the vicinity of Almaden Lake Park on the west. The common perception that the Foothills are part of a public park or open space preserve is not true! With the exception of the County Park, most of the foothills are in private ownership, much of which is leased for cattle grazing.